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Emotions have a large impact on your health whether you are aware of it or not.The limbic area of your midbrain that deals with emotions is connected to your nose nerve wise.You will both be attracted or repelled by different aroma’s depending on how your subconscious mind interprets the experience.

Aroma touch massage uses a combination of essential oils, applied in sequence with the addition of fractionated coconut oil to the spine and feet. Symphony of the Cells is a similar more personalized application of essential oils.

“Essential oils embody the regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties of plants” – Modern Essential Oils Guide

With permission I have added them to my therapy since 2014 with no complaints.I found a high quality brand  that I don’t react to(I am prone to chemical allergies).

You will find my clinic scent free unless you want essential oils added to your massage.